Tech, data, services & gadgets you can use in your Startup

November 15, 18:46

We are really pleased to announce the following Tech, data, services & gadgets are available to use in your startup.

These are all supplied by local companies.  Contact your mentor or follow the instructions within the documents.

ubisend – ubisend delivers your messages to any phone, anywhere in the world, through any available platform. That includes Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, SMS and more.   ubisend is proud to offer Sync the City participants free access to our mobile messaging platform along with 500 SMS per team during the competition. More details here.

Brandbank – Very detailed Supermarket product data and images from Brandbank via our API or CSV.  More details here.

Phone number & Email address Verification – Landline, Mobile number and email verification API’s. All services are perfect for data capture forms on websites – ensuring that when someone enters their details that a live, valid number or email address is entered, aswell as other uses. More details here. Supplied by Liquid 11.

Amazon Echo – Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather and more.   2 x echo’s Supplied by Rainbird.

Rainbird API – Rainbird is a decision engine that can be used to model human expertise and then queried to solve problems. You can use Rainbird to power chat bots, amazon echo, or any other software that requires automated decision making”

3d printer – supplied by Barclays Eagle Labs

Ideas Factory UX Lab – The User Story will be supporting teams in using the UX Lab at The Ideas Factory at Norwich University of Arts.  More details here

Allies – Address and Postcode Lookup API.  More info and

Foosball – No startup can exist without a decent foosball table.  Supplied by Earthware.