Sync The City 2017 – The Pitches

November 24, 13:57


It’s that time of year again and Sync the City is here. Hosted this year by Norwich Cathedral.

Attending this year we have 134 Participants:

  • 63 Developers
  • 20 Designers
  • 33 Business/Non-Tech
  • 13 Mentors
  • 5 Judges
  • 3 Speakers

From those, 33 people pitched their ideas, see the video below for the full run of all the 1-minute pitches.

All The Pitches

Social Pocket – putting the recipe for social media success in the hands of business owners themselves.

Nutrition for vegans and other dietary requirements…. tracking app for vitamins.

Prospective university students – how do they make their choices?

Sort your Web bookmarks – Sorted!

Lacking motivation/willpower to achieve goals? Gamification as a solution?

On the Busses – avoid time wasted waiting for buses….

Ageing population – wearable tech including GPS to track and care for those in need including dementia patients.

Personal safety – chatbot to filter through the noise on social media during times of crisis.

Social media impact for businesses – harnessing customer influence to support your brand and service.

Managing shared utility bills and household essentials in house shares – reduce wastage and arguments!

Pub crawl maps – funded by advertising and paid promotion.

Re-evolutionary- augmented and virtual reality – a new platform to interact in a virtual environment…

Synchronise the county, not just the city… the Norfolkian- keeping the county connected. Curated heartbeat.

Reducing and managing stress and anxiety and procrastination – an app for self-help.

Young people are really bad at saving – gamification like FarmVille saving the rewards not spending on virtual tokens.

Safety software for lone workers.

Places app – find what you need when you’re abroad – curated by a community – for tourists and business professionals.

The internet remembers everything – Footprint helps you keep track of your web footprint – take control of your own history.

Reducing loneliness in the digital age – gamification to incentivise real-life social interactions.

App allowing employers and degree level employers to meet and communicate with frictionless engagement.

What if there was a website that found results for all the online retailers, only putting in your search terms once.

Using influencers to market products and enhance the profile of charities at the same time.

Digital recycling movement – wasted digital files thrown in the trash – could they go in the cloud instead for someone else to use?

Digital memory book to help people with Alzheimer’s and mental health issues – journaling achievements and memories can help.

Privacy and private conversations on social media – a digital diary to share with yourself, not the world!

Problem – smaller charities and causes are often overlooked – Tinder for social responsibility.

Business cards at networking events – how about a system to organise them into an app that sends reminders to avoid missed opportunities.

Augmented reality – bringing it to the fashion and retail industry – try on your avatar before you buy…

UK is known for its education system – but choosing a university is difficult for international students – how about a VR game?

21st century taxi rank in the cloud…

Regulating the energy sector – solar power system that’s easy to start up and scale up without being too expensive.

Bonus for homeless – loyalty system – pass your free coffee forward to someone in need.

Phew! Well done to all pitchers!

Find out who got through, coming soon…