Announcing Speakers, Judges, Mentors & Schedule

November 20, 18:19

“Sync the City is the intellectual equivalent of Tough Mudder (Huw Sayer, Business Writers)”

We hope everybody is taking their vitamins, building up that immune system!  We look forward to welcoming Sync the City attendees in 2 days and 15 hours.

In the meantime, we are very please to announce our speakers, judges, mentors and schedule.

The Speakers

Gerard Grech, CEO, Tech City UK – Keynote Thursday

George Davis – CEO, The SenLab Group – Thursday

Hayley Johnson, COO, Epos Now – Endnote Saturday 


The Judges


Ian Watson CEO of Start-rite Shoes Ltd (HEAD JUDGE)

Kirsty Jarvis Founder & CEO at Luminous PR

Chris Sargisson CEO – Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

Wayne Taylor Chief Technology Officer – Thyngs

Juliana Meyer CEO & Founder – Supapass

The Mentors


Tom Wood – Managing Partner, Foolproof (LEAD MENTOR)

Hayley Johnson, COO, Epos Now (LEAD MENTOR)

Ben Taylor, CEO, Rainbird Technologies

John Harrison, Founder of Coaching 4 Success

Paul Russell, Global Digital Architecture Lead – Aviva

Sam Notley, Head of Projects & Strategic Change – Epos Now

Kathryn Wright, General Manager at VPS247

Brian Norman, CTO – earthware

Stephen Keable, Marketing and CX Lead at Allies

Neil Osmond, Founder – earthware

Dom Davis, CTO and Co-Founder – Tech Marionette

Tom Haczewski, Director –

Ermine Aimes, Business Development Coach

The Schedule

Now online